Gatortail 25XD-Small Block



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  1. 896ccc Big Block CDI 25HP Vanguard Marine Engine

  2. Tachometer/ Hour Meter

  3. High Rev Coils

  4. 20 amp Charging System

  5. Steel Muffler

  6. Smooth Ride Tiller

  7. Easy Access Control Box

  8. Insulated Metal Squeeze Throttle

  9. Waterproof Heavy Duty Trim Switch

  10. Integrated Free Floating Tiller

  11. 5000 lb/ft Power Trim Actuator

  1. Fully Adjustable Transom Clamp

  2. Planetary Reverse Transmission

  3. 2000 hr Electric Clutch

  4. Locking Tilt Pin

  5. Dual Pivot Point Trim Impact System

  6. Polymer Bushings

  7. 2 Blade Stainless Steel Weedless Propellor

  8. Three Piece Extruded Lower Unit

  9. Reverse Plate

  10. Lifetime Belt Warranty

  11. Weighs 297 lbs

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Talk here about some of the high end aspects of these motors that set the standard to a higher level than the competitors. We have nicer throttles. We have better construction. The ride is smoother. Just general stuff that fits the heading. Which can also be changed.